June 2023

3D Printing and Footwear: the FuSa sneaker

We have recently addressed the topic of 3D printed footwear, focusing on the advantages of FFF technology applied to this type of processing.

Guided by the usual desire for experimentation and the will to keep innovating, Crea3D and FastParts teams have decided to join forces to give birth to a real product.

We commissioned the designer Fabrizio De Lucia to model a sports shoe, entirely designed to be 3D printed.

Fabrizio specializes in modeling footwear (and more!) through augmented reality and Gravity Sketch software.

So, from Fused Filament Fabrication technology and Sapato ("shoe" in Portuguese) FuSa was born, the customized 3D printed shoe.


After generating numerous variants, we entrusted the final project to Fastparts, who chose the most suitable material (TPU), optimized the ideaMaker slicing parameters, and used the Raise3D Pro3 3D printer for the creation of the first prototype.

The result is definitely positive, a smooth 3D printing and a fairly light product, ready to be worn.
But we are still in the initial stages of this new workflow.

Next steps:

  • Reduce the printing time to less than 24h
  • Use a recycled TPU
  • Further optimize the printing parameters
  • Using less material to achieve a weight of less than 500g
 October 2023


A breathable texture has been created at the upper, and the infill of the sole has been modified for a better elastic response. At the same time, the wearability of the sneaker has also been improved, based on the size 42 (EU).

At the current stage the print has been engineered using the TPU 82A FilaFlex material, and printed on the Raise3D E2 printer.

New 100% recycled materials are being analyzed, and the topological optimization of the infill of the sole is being studied, to create a comfortable experience never seen before.


 November 2023

New tests

  • TPU 78A FilaFlex Foamy
  • Improved flexibility
  • Weight less than 300g
  • More comfort


the revolutionary sneaker

The FuSa sneaker is an innovative product which - with a revolutionary approach - allows you to experiment with a process never seen before.


Is it possible to certify the material according to GRS (Global Recycle Standard)?

Yes, we are working on it.


Learn more about the Raise3D E2 3D printer


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